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Welcome to the Washworld Touchless car wash website!

We are located at 641 Loughheed Hwy, Coquitlam, B.C. and have been serving the local community since 1992. Come on over and give our touchless car wash a try. It cleans and waxes your car with no hassle at all – you just sit in your car and relax! Or use our self-serve car wash where you can enjoy cleaning and waxing your car at a very reasonable price.
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Try our new twin touchless auto car wash!

No more long waiting for your auto car wash!
We have doubled the auto machines and they will serve you double faster!

Big 40 feet self car wash for bigger vehicles!

Our newly renovated self car wash bays are 40 feet long!
The size is for large buses and camping cars will fit nicely!

Washworld Coquitlam Kids and dogs are welcome
Wash World Touchless carwash Dog treat kids treat candy and dog biscuitDid you know that kids just love to watch a touchless car wash, whether it's inside the car or out.
Bring them with you when you come, and we'll treat them to a yummy sweet. And bring along your dog too for some dog biscuits!
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